Investors in the export of wheat, barley, corn

More details on the proposal.
1. Worked out and at the signing of the order of 10-15 a contract with elevators and farms. Do not put a print(not an investor)!
Volume according to conservative estimates, about 50-200T. Tons) three to five positions
- wheat class 3.4
- barley (feed)
- corn
2. Implementation.
2.1 export Iran's preparedness and d?cor representative of their business elite. Strong connection. Already back tightly, ready to give good orders, both single and from 9мес to 4 years.
2.2 Export Turkey orders nowhere to go. It is necessary to calculate, but the yield on transactions is not less than 35-50% and above. With elevators give for example wheat from 4,500 to 7,500 with VAT. The implementation reaches up to 120,000.
2.3. export Egypt, Thailand, Korea. Work has been carried out in these areas and there are ties. Information river.
3. Readiness. On elevators communication is controlled by the former Deputy of the state Duma.
I'm working on sales.
There is a specialist in logistics. And he is also the liaison to the ports.
There is a partner with their cars more than 50 PCs., Too, at the start. We do not give anyone to keep under this program.
There are specialists in working with process variables, loading, warehousing, etc.
In General, the picture is the most favorable.
Also worked buyers in Russia but here the yield does not exceed 15% and you need to work very hard to get out.
It is important for the foreign markets we pass in years. From there, the waste flows of vegetables, such as Iran more (10-50 names of vegetables fruits) ie empty karabl do not plan to. But it is on the rise. Here very strong, at the moment communications in networks, the State biddings!!! And multiple pre-orders for East of GMT.
Investor ready to give 50%> what, all transactions are prepared in advance. The required volume of investments from 50 to 500 million With the larger portfolio . The more purchases and sales, respectively. Limitations well beyond the capacity of the team.
Внимание! Не соглашайтесь на предоплату, если не уверены в надежности продавца.
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