We are interested in partners in field of water treatment

We are interested in business partners in the field of water treatment/energy saving. We produce water hardness neutralizers, protection against scale and corrosion.

Best results if used with:
- House pipelines;
- Heating systems;
- Cooling and humidifying systems;
- Water heaters;
- Steam generator;
- Commercial washing systems;
- Heat exchangers;
- Irrigation systems;
- Membrane water treatment systems.

Features and stand outs:
- Design and efficiency proven by 18 years’ success;
- Dual-layer water protection of magnetic elements;
- Magnetic field, generated by powerful neodymium magnets, completely encapsulated in the case;
- Key parts manufactured from stainless steel ;
- Even distribution of magnetic field in the applied area;
- Fivefold water treatment during one session;
- No replacement parts, additional filters or cartridges required;
- No flow obstruction – no additional load for the pump;
- Can be integrated into any pipeline, including steel ones;
- Can operate in multi-directional water flow environment;
- No dependency on installation angle. Horizontal, vertical or anything in between;
- Three-year warranty period;
- Flawless quality and safety since 2002
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